CTUIR GIS Program Staff

Stacy Schumacher – GIS Program Manager
Stacy Schumacher has over 15 years of experience in environmental consulting, working in interdisciplinary analysis teams, conducting natural resource inventories and ecological studies and providing specialized range services. Stacy has prepared numerous environmental analyses for range projects and government planning efforts. Her analytical, statistical skills and writing experience includes predicting the spatial distribution of aspens in the Blue Mountains, First Foods habitat mapping, as well as assisting forestry, rangeland and agriculture management plans. She has coordinated and assisted others with project scoping, public involvement programs, and multi-department coordination efforts.

Willie Wood - GIS Analyst / Cartographer
W. Wood has over 15 years of experience in GIS, cartography, field data collection and general IT services. Mr. Wood has prepared numerous, detailed cartographic products, processed data to support large-scale environmental analyses and development of long-term data sets. He has assisted others with project scoping, data development, and program coordination. Additionally, Mr. Wood has collected large GPS data sets and has broad knowledge of the terrain and history of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Nicole Novak – GIS Analyst
Nicole earned a Master of Arts degree in Geography from the State University of New York at Albany. With strengths in spatial data analysis methods and visualization systems, her responsibilities include internal and public map requests, project support, development and maintenance of the GIS Data Library and maintaining the standard maps series. Nicole started working for CTUIR in 2009.

Scott O’Daniel – Research Geographer
Scott has 18 years of experience in GIS, remote sensing and physical science. He has worked for Pacific Meridian resources (now Space Imaging) and the USFS on the EIS for the California and Northern Spotted Owl. He has developed novel remote sensing techniques including the application of thermal remote sensing in alluvial rivers and novel uses of LIDAR in low elevation landscapes. His work on understanding complex interactions of temperatures in alluvial floodplains has offered new technology to professionals who must comply with environmental regulations while solving traditional problems such as increasing aquatic habitat.

The following publications are examples of research projects that Scott has participated in:

Colette Coiner – Data Management Coordinator
Colette Coiner has a background in Agricultural and Natural Resource Research field for over 15 years. Her work has involved field research, data management and statistical programming on farming practices, rangeland grazing and vegetation, raptors and songbirds, and entomology. Her current focus is assisting in the development a centralized database system for the CTUIR DNR program.

George Clark - Web Programmer / Database Administrator
George has over 16 years of experience, working with several different programming languages (C++, Visual Basic, C#, .NET, Java, HTML, ASP, ASP.net, ColdFusion, JavaScript, Angular, Unix Korn shell, and Linux) and databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, flat files, Lotus Notes). His responsibilities include developing/maintaining the GIS department’s websites and applications.